Megan McKean – Seasons in the City

A Lothian Children’s Book, Hachette, Australia, 2021

Megan McKean is the writer, illustrator and designer of this cheery and informative book, which will spark interest in children and a travel yen in adults.

Megan McKean talks about Seasons in the City

Featuring six cities of the world for each season, the author has created a collection of vibrantly coloured double page spreads, full of detail about celebrations, weather, flora and fauna, food and people. She has carefully matched her cities and seasons so that there is an abundance of content both visual and written to interest the small reader or listener.

Megan McKean’s illustration style is at once big picture and fine detail and whilst there is much to see, the pages never feel cluttered. This is a book that can bear many and repeated visits.

At a time when most cannot travel overseas while at the same time there are many movements of displaced people globally, a book that focuses on the things we all share and enjoy is highly pertinent. Seeing families and individuals to engaging in simple pleasurable outings will inspire reminiscence and yearning, whether it be the model boats sailing in a Springtime Paris pond or ice-fishing in wintery St Petersburg.

It’s very important that children’s picture books appeal to the adults who will share them with their children or students – after all, a good and favourite picture book may clock up hundreds of readings. It is testament to Megan McKean’s talents as an artist and designer that Seasons in the City will tick that box. This book is chock full of things to talk about whether at home or in a classroom and could very well be the jumping off point for the children’s own researches.

It’s also important that we encourage our children to develop a joyous curiosity about the world we live in. How could this book fail to arouse our travel lust and our children’s investigative minds?

Thank you to Hachette for my review copy and Megan for such a lovely conversation via Zoom to Sweden.