Moonbound – Film Review

Now showing at Palace Electric and Limelight Cinemas, Canberra
Family – Rated PG
81 minutes

This film is based on a popular chldren’s book, Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon by German author and playwright Gerdt von Bassewitz (1912), and is generally recommended for children from age 6 up.

Peter sets out on a magical journey to the moon rescue his little sister Anne, who wasn kidnapped by the evil Moon Man when she was trying to help a beetle, Mr Zoomzeman. Peter is helped in his quest by the sleepy Mr Sandman.

With themes of family and sibling love (dealing with annoying little sisters and annoying big brothers – sound familiar, parents?), how to deal with bullying, looking after those smaller or more helpless than oneself, the importance of repenting one’s bad deeds and of forgiveness,  and courage in the face of adversity and danger, there is plenty here for post-movie discussion between adults and children.

Both Peter and his little sister Anne play heroic roles and so those keen on the depiction of strong female leads will be satisfied.

The 3D animation is bright and colourful, the creatures detailed and visually interesting. There is a balance of action and conversation so younger viewers should not become restless. Included in this action are a number of chase and escape scenes, a bit of bullying standover tactics and lots of astral voyaging, always a good vehicle for the animator’s imagination.

Our favourite line was a description by the big baddy of the heroic trio as ‘The Good, the Bug and the Ugly’. While this reference will be lost on young children, it’s the sort of thing that keeps the adult movie goer sustained during school holiday excursions with young folk.

Thanks to Nedco and Rialto for the opportunity to preview the film.