Music for Canberra – The Colour of Sound

Sunday 20 June 2021
Canberra Girls Grammar School, Senior Hall
String Ensembles and James McCusker Orchestra 2pm to 6pm
Canberra Youth Orchestra 6pm to 8pm

This is a two-concert program providing a performance opportunity for a range of Music for Canberra students. 

In the afternoon, The Frequency Spectrum Concert, will feature the youngest students through to the James McCusker Orchestra.  

In the early evening, Chromesthesia (Sound to Colour) will showcase MFC’s Canberra Youth Orchestra under the leadership of Conductor Louis Sharpe. The CYO will play Háry János Suite, a Hungarian folk opera of four acts as well as Béla Bartók’s Hungarian Pictures, also known as Hungarian Sketches – a suite for orchestra completed in 1931.

Music for Canberra provides access to high quality, diverse musical experiences  for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in the ACT and surrounding regions and is home to the Canberra Youth Orchestra.