Musica Viva Australia – Chopin’s Piano

Llewellyn Hall – ANU, Canberra
7pm, Wednesday 19 July 2023
Featuring Chopin 24 Preludes, Op. 28

This fusion of chamber music and theatre is adapted from Musica Viva Artistic Director Paul Kildea’s book Chopin’s Piano A Journey Through Romanticism. The adaptation, by Kildea and director Richard Pyros, features pianist Aura Go and actor Jennifer Vuletic.

Richard spoke to pianist Aura Go about Chopin’s Piano and her career

The artists tell the story of an instrument built by a craftsman on the island of Majorca in the 1830s, the works composed on it, the artist who created them and the changing value of music over time.

The production draws on a cast of real-life characters and traces the history and ultimate fate of the Majorcan piano, referred to by Kildea as a ‘sacred relic’.