New Owner by Arielle Gray and Tim Watts

The Street, Canberra
Postponed until further notice because of COVID restrictions – check The Street website

The latest theatrical experience from acclaimed Western Australian theatre makers, The Last Great Hunt, New Owner mixes puppetry, animation, live performance and a soundtrack of original music to follow the story of Bart, a puppy from the pound adopted by Mabel, an elderly woman.

Tim Watts from The Last Great Hunt, talks about New Owner

New Owner is a visual tale of love, loss and overcoming adversity which has successfully toured internationally prior to COVID limitations. It explores the myriad of relationships in the life of a dog and how his experiences change him. We see the world from his perspective.

This is uplifting, gripping entertainment, which is great fun to look at and listen to and which belongs to the tradition of storytelling for children and the child in all of us.

New Owner was a finalist in Best Presentation for Children, 2017 Helpmann Awards and the winner of the 2019 Dora Award in the division of Theatre For Young Audiences.

It is recommended for ages 7+ due to scenes of sadness and loss that may be upsetting for children, and is also suitable for people with hearing impairments and/or EALD.