NFSA becomes Hive of activity

National Film and Sound Archive
McCoy Circuit, Acton ACT
Daily 10am-4pm from 1 August 2020

A new interactive public space opens on 1 August 2020 at the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA). It will use interactive technologies to provide visitors with an insight into its collection – and the experts tasked with preserving it.

The centrepiece of Hive is a new interactive display titled Storywall, produced by the NFSA and SBS Digital Creative Labs.

The NFSA’s Felicity Harmey talks about Hive.

Storywall will feature a life-size projection of six NFSA experts ‘waiting’ for visitors to interact with them using their mobile devices. Once selected, they will tell a story about themselves and their passion for Australia’s audiovisual history, as well as digitally showcasing items from the NFSA collection.

The Storywall contains:

  • Collection Management Team Leader Belinda Hunt and Australia’s first Academy Award won by Kokoda Front Line! in 1942.
  • Curator Chris Arneil and the 1993 video game Halloween Harry – one of the first eight Australian video games to be preserved by the NFSA.
  • Documents and Artefacts Conservator Shingo Ishikawa and the platform shoes worn by Hugo Weaving in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design in 1995.
  • Curator Tamara Osicka and a unique 1930s aluminium record made by a woman wishing her granddaughter a happy birthday.
  • Indigenous Connections Manager Tasha James and the hat worn by Justine Saunders in the 1986 Bruce Beresford film The Fringe Dwellers.
  • Video Preservation Specialist Richard Vorobieff and a VCR – a reminder of the urgent need to digitise hundreds of thousands of hours of television, radio, music and more, before they’re lost forever.

The stories are available in English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.

Two of the original items featured in Storywall will also be on display at Hive: the Priscilla shoe, and The Fringe Dwellers hat.

Hive will also include a trivia game featuring NFSA collection footage (to test visitors on their knowledge of Australian culture and history), highlights from the Sounds of Australia registry, and more stories from the NFSA collection