our bush capital written by Samatha Tidy, illustrated by Juliette Dudley

Storytorch Press, Canberra 2020
Produced with the assistance of crowd funding

Ostensibly a picture book about the many places of interest for tourists and others in Canberra, our bush capital is also a forceful statement about community, about the importance of memories for families and about the value of sharing our own childhood joys with our children and grandchildren. It’s about the notion of home.

Samantha Tidy invites us to visit places and events to which she took her children when they were small – everywhere from galleries to the Brindabellas, from fireworks nights to walks through the autumn leaves.

The local wildlife gets a fond mention too, notably our parrots, swans and cockies. This is a list of fun things to do which build family memories – a ride on the merry-go-round, a carillon concert, a bike ride or kayak trip on the lake.

Our multi-culturalism is also acknowledged with a page devoted to the many people from all over the world who call Canberra home.

Samantha Tidy is a writer of deep sensitivity, always engaged in finding ways to bring us together and celebrate our goodness as human beings. Her previous works speak loudly of this and our bush capital shows us, the residents of Canberra, in a human light. We crave to be seen as community, not as an adjunct of federal parliament, and this book surely and deftly does this.

Juliette Dudley’s pastel hued line drawings work well with the tenor of the rhyming text. They are warm and approachable in style.

The book is suitable for young readers and for adults to share with the children in their lives, be they family or students. The author and illustrator have given a copy of this book to all federal parliamentarians and it is fervently hoped that they understand its message of community and the importance of this place as our home.

Our bush capital is available at bookstores locally as well as at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. It is also available directly from the author at http://www.storytorch.com.au/