Padma Menon – Moving Archetypes Indian Dance and contemplation

Term 3 classes from 20 July
Come and Try class – Saturday 18 July (face to face – please book at

Moving Archetypes studio is now open for in person classes whilst continuing online teaching for those who prefer this model at this time.

Term 3 courses will focus on the beauteous and powerful deity, Saraswathi. Padma says: ‘Saraswathi is a contemplative space of depth and profound relevance to our times. As the deity of Vaak, vac or expression, she invites us to expression that is free from delusion and dependence on the conditional narratives we use to frame our reality.

Barbie speaks with Padma Menon about the Saraswathi classes

In times when our narratives of life are being dismantled, Saraswathi invites us to perceive the waters of Self- that alone is enough to transform perception and action. Coming into the unity of being, and being able to express that state of being, is the Saraswathi practice.’

Discounted payments are available for those whose income has been affected by COVID-19.