Pete Smith, Deborah Perrow and John Pratt – The Crossing

Strathnairn Arts Gallery 1, 90 Stockdill Drive Holt
 2 –26 May, 2019
Official opening by Rob Painter 11.30am, Saturday 4  May

The concept for this exhibition of mixed media collages created by Deborah Perrow and John Pratt came from a gift.

In 2017, Deborah was given 12 sketches of Lake George by the late Canberra artist Pete Smith and invited by his partner to use them in ‘whatever way you wish’.

Listen to an interview with Deborah Perrow and John Pratt

Pete had died in 2015 and after much thought Deborah decided that the works should be honoured and not just archived and become invisible. She pinned them up in her studio and began creating responses to them albeit in a very different medium.

The idea of creating triptychs in a landscape format began to develop and eventually she thought that inviting another artist to contribute would create more visually balanced works.

After seeing John’s exhibition Street at Beaver Galleries, Deborah thought that his collages could directly respond to the spacious landscape quality of Pete’s sketches as well as her own print-based works.