Phil Page – Melbourne Fragments

Gallery 3, M16 Artspace until 31 January
Wednesday to Sunday 12 noon to 5pm

The works in this exhibition clearly and beautifully demonstrate the artist’s architecture background. Phil Page is interested in the way cities develop in layers, built one upon another. His works are created in the same way, documenting his memory of place and change.

Barbie visited M16 to talk with Phil Page about Melbourne Fragments

The ten works in this exhibition, some using metallic leaf, invite us to see them as fleeting glimpses which we flit past – as we do so often when we relate to cityscapes.

The gold leaf also imbues the works with a sense of preciousness, enhancing the rather intellectualised view from above (But not exactly from above as the artist explains – they are a type of extruded projection, not bird’s eye views.) They leave the impression of architectural drawings with their many fine lines and layered shapes, but their colour and the dizzying perspective also give them a rather magical sense.

Phil Page has made studies of a number of cities including Canberra and Venice. His work leads us to question our place in the built world and the way that we change our landscapes, for better or worse.  

Image – Melbourne Scroll, 2020, acrylic, ink, water colour, graphite, metal leaf on paper, 112cm x 9m

About Phil Page

Phil Page graduated in architecture from the University of Newcastle NSW with the university medal and Master of Architecture. His professional career was initially with the NSW Government Architect in Newcastle followed by a period with Ancher, Mortlock and Woolley in Sydney.

In 1992 Phil became one of the founding principals in BVN Architecture. Awards. Phil left BVN in 2007 after several years as National Director, to pursue a long interest in painting.

His subsequent studies at the Painting Workshop at the ANU School of Art and Design led to the award of a Graduate Diploma in 2011 and a Doctor of Philosophy in 2019.