Polly Marsden and Chris Nixon – The Australian Climate Change Book

Hachette/Lothian Children’s Books, Australia, 2021

With children and schools now routinely practising daily sorting and recycling of food scraps and classroom waste, students leading climate strike actions around the world and young folk like Greta Thunberg a household name, it seems to me that this book will be one kids can use to help nudge their parents into action.

Barbie speaks with Polly Marsden about The Australian Climate Change Book

Polly Marsden has set out clear and simple climate facts covering definitions of climate and weather, ecosystems, fossil fuels, global warming, extreme weather events and environmental destruction. She then proposes six simple everyday practices that can contribute to a solution to contemporary society’s part in climate change. Plus, there is talking about it – an all-important final component in the toolkit.

In reality, this is an accessible science text-book as well as a philosophical statement about grass roots practical action. Enhanced by Chris Nixon’s distinctive style of crisp and colourful illustrations, often reminiscent of the woodcut, the book has eye appeal for sharing in classroom settings or the home.

Such books are a welcome addition to the store of learning materials available to schools and it is certainly good to see publishers embracing the subject. Polly Marsden’s work in television documentary scripting makes her an ideal author for this type of book.

It is a model of clear communication and understanding of audience. It’s age appropriate but never talks down to the children who will read it, showing due respect for their intelligence and capacity to grasp concepts vital to their own futures.

Thank you to Hachette for my review copy and to Polly for a chat about this work.