Re-storying: The Resilience Project

The Street Theatre
Until October 2021
Live and online depending on COVID-19 restrictions

The Street Theatre’s Re-Storying: The Resilience Project is a six-module program, which was launched in July 2021 with the support of ACT Health. It is designed for artists from all practices and has attracted actors, writers, poets, visual artists and others wanting to counter the impact of the pandemic on their livelihoods.

Barbie spoke with Abbey Mackay of the Creswick Collective, which has been documenting the project

Designed to be flexible and responsive the program uses drawing, breath work, movement and gesture to assist artists needing a sense of purpose, acknowledgement and renewal in their practices. Artists are also encouraged to visit @creativerestore, a co-created place presenting an inspirational storehouse of tools and thoughts.

Workshops are led by artist and bodywork therapist Dr Zsuzsi Soboslay. Replenish and Rewire, modules three and four will be delivered online via Zoom while artists are at home and in lockdown with future modules planned for delivery at The Street Theatre and available online.

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Image: Creswick Collective