Regional dance collaboration with Connecting Stories: Generations

National Portrait Gallery
25 and 26 June 2022
11am, 12.30pm & 1.30pm

This cross-generational, cross regional dance project was inspired by the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition Shakespeare to Winehouse.

QL2’s Ruth Osborne talks to Barbie about Connecting Stories: Generations

It is choreographed by Ruth Osborne, Cadi McCarthy, Alison Plevey, Craig Bary & Olivia Fyfe, and composed by Adam Ventoura

Connecting Stories: Generations features dancers from QL2 Dance, the Australian Dance Party, Catapult Dance, QL2’s Quantum Leap ensemble and Catapult’s Flipside Project,

  • Fame –  Beckham, Diana, Sheeran, Campbell, Taylor and Jagger. What do they have in common? Fame. We explore their fame, individuality and success, in turn discovering our very own. 
  • Power–  The power of the community; connecting and supporting each other, giving each other strength, together being stronger and therefore more powerful.
  • Identity– Understanding our own identity, searching for others, finding them, connecting with them, valuing them for who they are, being ourselves in a multitude of others.
  • Love & Loss – Relationships, connections and separations. An image, a memory of those we have lost, a fragment of immortality. 
  • Innovations – Art, a mirror of the sociological and technological context of the time. Innovation of dance, music and visual art, their changing style and form across time. Innovation can take us unexpected places in the evolving complexity and chaos that it can bring. Within the form and style of the art, there is always the subject – the person. 
  • Self-portrait – Writing our own story, leaving a memory of that story for future generations, conscious that we are writing this story with other humans all around us. Our individual story in the giant web of humanity’s history.