Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran


The Street presents The Javaad Alipoor Company in a show that takes audiences on a whirlwind journey through time from revolution, to imperialism, to the entropy of the universe in an immersive digital play blending theatre on a big screen with interactive content on mobile phones.

Audiences dive into a world of drug-fuelled parties, fast cars and hyper-consumerism in an innovative performance focused on the excessive, extravagant lifestyles of the children of Iran’s elite as seen on social media.

 Winner of the 2019 Scotsman Fringe First Award and co-created by writer and activist Javaad Alipoor and director- dramaturg Kirsty Housley, this biting new play uses Instagram to examine concepts of time, history, the march of human progress and what we leave behind.

The production employs multi-media design incorporating fast-changing images, videos and Instagram feeds with immersive visual effects, music and explosive sound design.

Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran started in Edinburgh as a live theatre performance in 2019 and became a digital performance work during the pandemic and then onto stages and screens including selection for the Sundance Film Festival New Frontiers program in 2021.