Robyn Campbell – Where Shadows Fall

Suki & Hugh Gallery
38A Gibraltar Street, Bungendore, NSW
Saturday 7 May to 12 June 2022.

Robyn Campbell is an artist who works in glass and ceramics. The medium for Where Shadows Fall is clay.

Barbie spoke to Robyn Campbell at Suki and Hugh about Where Shadows Fall

Robyn’s pieces have been inspired by her trips from Canberra to her home in southern New South Wales and by the landforms on the way from here south through the mountains. They recreate the curves of slope and stone, the texture and pattern of the land and the way that shadows are made outside and between rock formations.

The artist has used deep matt black glaze and, in some pieces, a surface scratching technique to depict the masses of stone, volcanic extrusions and the space around them.

The white walls and plinths of the gallery become the negative space of sky for her brooding animal-like rock forms. There is an intensity about them, a Picnic at Hanging Rock atmosphere of nature’s mystery and magnitude. And yet, they are not huge works.

A contrasting predominantly white wall work – a landscape with what could be waving grasses – makes expert use of fine black line markings.  It invites touch and evokes the spaciousness of the region.

The skies are big and clear, the land below full of small, important detail. Two series of small, polished rock forms, one white with black markings and one both black and white, were too much temptation – I had to pick them up and run my hands over their polished, ultra-glassy surfaces – with permission.

This is deeply satisfying work.

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