Roger Beale – The Magic of Light

Humble House Gallery
93 Wollongong Street Fyshwick
30 April to 29 May 2022
Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

This exhibition of predominantly oils and pastels is the work of an accomplished and assured artist.

The collection includes delicious scenes of idyllic, nostalgia-inducing Paris gardens, immediately arousing wanderlust in the viewer. The combination of all that European greenery, the sculpture, the park benches, the floral borders and the dappled light not only makes for classically composed paintings  but also for classically beautiful objects of desire.

Barbie explored the exhibition at Humble House Gallery with Roger Beale

And then there are luxuriant, sensual close-up portraits of all manner of flowers, shafts of light falling on their elegant features, set against dark velvety background. It’s all rather swoon-worthy, actually.

Two large single poppies, one on a white background and one on black, provide intense drama on one wall, their singularity an elegant statement of the power of simplicity in composition, though of course a composition with perfect placement.

Three Italian landscapes, heavily overhung with brooding clouds, complete the upstairs gallery exhibition. One immediately thinks of Turner and his pursuit of the perfect cloud-filled sky, light nevertheless seeping out as we gaze at the far distance or the heights of sky. In other words, if we look hard enough we will find the light.

And herein lies the artist’s preoccupation, expressed somewhat in his title. The works all beg us to see the light behind and beyond the darknesses. The exhibition is its own beguiling metaphor for our times, expressing our keen desire for lightness of being and light at the end of the tunnel.

The natural beauty of the works is proof enough of nature’s capacity to offer sanctuary and solace in the face of disaster and trauma, the contrasts as important as the absolute. It’s that old yin and yang thing again.

This is a joyous exhibition, one that will no doubt be rapidly carried off to viewers’ homes. All work is for sale and, if you cannot visit in person, an exhibition catalogue is available. If you would like a copy please contact [email protected]

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