S.A. Adair – Locus at ANCA Gallery until 1 July

We couldn’t make it to the opening of this show on 14 June but caught up with the artist this weekend for a chat and to experience her work.

Locus is a twisted network of white felt, black lit and filling the white gallery space at ANCA. Adair aims to immerse us in her work and let us decide what it is we are experiencing in her installation. It is visually rather beautiful and coldly quiet, as befits a winter experience in Canberra.

The opening night included an improvised performance by jazz musician Richard Johnson and dance artist Zsuzsi Soboslay which visitors can see and hear on screen at the entrance to the work.

S.A Adair next appears in October on the lake shores with Contour 556 – more of that at https://visitcanberra.com.au/events/5a7fd680444645704af8503c/contour-556

Find ANCA Gallery at http://anca.net.au

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