Samantha Tidy – The Day we built the Bridge

Illustrated by Fiona Burrows
Midnight Sun Publishing P/L 2019

Cover of The day we built the bridge

This beautiful picture book tells the story of the building process of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, shining a light on the social conditions of the time from 1890 when a need became an idea in 1893 and then finally a reality in 1932.

Samantha Tidy, as always, brings a positivity to this story with implications well beyond the building of a bridge – even one as well loved as the coathanger across Sydney Harbour. She speaks of persistence, resilience, personal connection and gratitude.

Fiona Burrows’s marvelous strong, detailed illustrations will invite readers and listeners young and old to linger and search for stories of their own in these pages.

The excellent internal; and cover design is by Katherine Timotheou. We open and close the book to wonderful Australian floral end papers – I love a beautiful end paper!

The book is enjoying launches in Adelaide, Sydney, Fremantle and Canberra (Harry Hartog Woden on 16 February) and is bound to be a run-away success.

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