September exhibitions at M16 Artspace

Leonie Andrews  – The Opening Stitches Project
Naomi Zouwer – Strange Days Indeed
Until 30 September 2020

In 2019 Leonie Andrews invited people, via social media, to provide a square of cloth with one or two sets of stitches on it.

In responding to the squares given to her by the contributors, Andrews has created her own artworks of threads and stitches. This body of work continues Andrews’ exploration of developing artwork within a rules-based framework.

Barbie talks to Leonie Andrews

In the first month of ISO, Naomi Zouwer began a new ritual of making a painting in one sitting every day by picking things from her sewing box. Using her collection of nostalgic remnants such as; ricrac, Glomesh, sequins, beads and braid and the occasional leaf, rock or seed pod.

Naomi Zouwer speaks about her work
Naomi Zouwer

In each of these paintings Zouwer has played with the compositions to reflect the social distancing regulations as they were changing from groups of 10 people outside, then to 5 people, then to staying at home with your ‘cluster’.

Through Strange Days Indeed, the collected items found in the artist’s sewing box have become the subject matter and metaphors for the strange times we are all experiencing. There is also a beautiful collection of tins on which Naomi has painted the ric-rac braid motif which has come to stand for a lost and much longed for past.

Top picture: Leonie Andrews