Sharon Peoples – Still Waters

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
5 December 2019 to 11 January 2020

In January 2019 Sharon Peoples spent four weeks as artist in residence at Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Her  project was to work on ideas about gardens in the area. However this idea changed and a new body of work was made.

Barbie speaks with Sharon Peoples about Still Waters

On her walks during the residency, she pondered the beautiful extensive landscapes at each turn in the path around the lake, admiring the designer’s skill at framing the water, hills and mountains. She revelled in the general quietness but was puzzled by the lack of interaction with the water during the peak of summer.

She subsequently came upon an area of blue/green algae and quickly realised the connections behind the tranquillity and the inhibition of use. Blue/green algae has made it presence felt on the Lake.

Becoming more familiar with the Lake during the residency, details caught the artist’s eye: the birds, the occasional dead fish, the water reflections, the plant life.

In this exhibition the larger lace works, which are machine embroidered, reflect the fragility of the environment. For the smaller hand embroidered pieces, Sharon Peoples has  used darn stitching as a metaphor for repair: repairing the environment.

In these works, she chose cotton thread to link climate change with industrial crops, such as cotton. Layered within the use of the glass cases is the assistance glasses give to our vision as well as the ability to open and shut the cases at will.

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Images of work by Sharon Peoples.