Signed Dali etchings to go on display at The Artists Shed

The Artist and the Historian
Film, Dali, the Gallipoli Prize and Lake Light sculpture
Dali dry point etchings on exhibition at The Artists Shed from 15 May 2021

Margaret Hadfield and Kathryn Spurling work in a creative partnership dubbed The Artist and the Historian. The vast space of The Artists Shed in Wollongong Street Fyshwick is home to classes, exhibitions, events and Artistic Vision Gallery, an enterprise founded by the pair to find and rescue abandoned original Australian art.

Barbie talks with Margaret Hadfield and Kathryn Spurling

Despite the strictures of the COVID shutdowns and their impact on the arts sector, Margaret and Kathryn have pushed on with their practice. A film has now been made about the pair by Canberra production company AlleyCat:

AllyCat Productions, a small, independent Canberra-based film production company, has also been filming the pair for its short film The Artist and The Historian. The filmmaker at AllyCat Productions is Judith Peterson, a social worker and celebrant who self-funds her films.

Billed as a documentary about two women’s response to the legacy of war, The Artist and The Historian was this week selected for The NewsFest film Festival in Las Vegas, which focuses on news, documentaries and films or other works based on true stories. 

Megan Doherty, The Canberra Times, 8 April 2021

Acceptance into the Lake Light sculpture festival in Jindabyne over Easter this year was another highlight. The work entered explores and questions the industry of war and how committed to peace we are as a society.

Other rather startling news on the gallery front is an upcoming exhibition of dry point etchings by (and signed by) Dali. The works were lurking in a Canberra shed and have been acquired by Margaret and Kathryn. They are being professionally framed and will be exhibited from 15 May 2021. People wishing to attend the special opening event on 14 May should contact the gallery directly via the website:

Following the success of Inspiring Australian Women, November 2013, text by Kathryn Spurling, painted portraits by Margaret Hadfield, work has now begun on inspiring international women – we’ll look forward to hearing more of this as the opportunity to access such people improves. There’s clearly no rest in sight for the creative duo.