Simone Patterson OAM launches DV awareness campaign

Parliament House Canberra, Thursday 28 December 2023

In 2023, more than 70 women were killed due to domestic violence in Australia.

Barbie spoke to Simone Patterson about her domestic violence awareness campaign

Simone Patterson launched a domestic violence awareness campaign and protest throughout December 2023, featuring red shoes and crosses, along with photos of all the victims of domestic violence killed this year.

She is advocating for politicians to enforce mandatory ankle bracelets for all high-risk domestic violence perpetrators, and for women to be provided with safety watches to give them warning and time to escape from potential attacks.

Simone is the founder of The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pets Refuge on the Gold Coast. It is the only shelter on the Gold Coast that accepts both pets and boys over 12 years old to ensure there is no barrier to women leaving a violent situation.”

As a qualified social worker with a background in women’s refuges, drug and alcohol, foster care, and prisons, Ms. Patterson mortgaged her home to raise the funds to establish The Sanctuary. It is privately funded and heavily relies on donations and support from the community.

For more information about The Sanctuary Women, Children, and Pets Refuge: