Solastalgia: Tuggeranong Arts Centre program 2020

Opening exhibitions The Burning, Umma’s Tongue at 6000 degrees and Fake Nature from 8 February until March 2020

Solastalgia, coined by Australian environmental philosopher Dr Glenn Albrecht in 2005, describes the sense of loss or nostalgia we feel when our homes or environments change irreconcilably in the face of climate change or natural disaster.

Barbie speaks with Nick Moir, whose exhibition of bushfire photographs ran until 14 March 2020

The first exhibitions for 2020 opened as part of the Arts centre’s official program launch event on Saturday 8 February. The Burning by Sydney Morning Herald photographer Nick Moir captured the horrendous fires that continue to burn across the country.

 In Fake Nature, artists Waratah Lahy and Tony Curran separately produced contemporary approaches to the painted landscape through a technological gaze highlighting photographic, algorithmic and Web 2.0 sensibilities towards nature.

Umma’s Tongue-Molten: at 6000° by Hannah Bronte pairs the female black body with panoramic images of mining and natural destruction, drawing parallels between the treatment of Indigenous women’s bodies to the way the earth is mined.

This theme, like others the arts centre has embraced, is designed to capture a moment or feeling that can unite artists, audiences, and staff alike, by tapping into our current sensitivities and pressing concerns.