Speaking and Listening from the Heart

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
5 December 2019 to 18 January 2020
Schools Reconciliation Challenge 2019

In 2019 over 1500 students have explored the theme Speaking and Listening from the Heart. Students tapped into the need for First Nations Peoples voices to be heard and to understand that Speaking and Listening from the Heart offers everyone the ability to connect with Country, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and with their own feelings about identity and being an Australian.

Barbie spoke with Thea Baker, Project Manger for Reconciliation NSW, and Alison Faure-Brac, Executive Director of the NSW Reconciliation Council

At Tuggeranong Arts Centre, visitors will see visual works, stories and statements. Many artworks invoke the spirit of Uluru and demonstrated students’ knowledge of reconciliation and the true history of Australia. The Freedom Rides, The Tent Embassy, Vincent Lingiari and the Wave Hill walk off were all explored as stories spoken from the heart.

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge exhibition continues at Tuggeranong Arts Centre until January 20, 2020 and then travels throughout NSW, sponsored by the National Trust and Lendlease.

More information https://www.tuggeranongarts.com/events/schools-reconciliation-challenge/