Strathnairn Arts – On Fire

An exhibition by the Wood Firing Group
Woolshed Gallery
Until 26 November, 2023

The exhibition features wood-fired ceramic work from firings at Strathnairn from November 2021 until the present.

Barbie visited the On Fire exhibition to speak to artist Emily Kerr

The artists are by Benjamin Kendon, Craig Edwards, David Leake, Catherine Drinan, Emily Kerr, Galia Shy, Inge Zeilinger, Michael Adams, Sui Jackson, Susan Curran, Therese Rasanen, Trenna Langdon.

Their work ranges from raw clay forms with wood ash effects, large sculptural forms, to glazed pieces utilising ash effects from the long firing process.

The group has been firing the large Ground Hog kiln twice a year. The process of preparing wood, work, packing, firing and unpacking involves many hours and teamwork.

Image: work by Catherine Drinan