Susannah Lawergren and Hannah Fraser – Christmas concert

Alessio Nelli  –  pianist
Ainslie All Saints Church
1.30pm, 8 December 2019

A delightful Christmas performance with  plenty of italian operatic arias as well as folk song arrangements, musical theatre and of course Christmas music. Susannah tells us that this is a fun, Christmas concert between friends. It’s full of delicious music.

Barbie speaks with Susannah Lawergren

As two singers who have spent much of their time specialising in the art of ensemble singing, rigorous precision, and being generous colleagues to at least four other singers, this is definitely a chance for Hannah and Susannah to fully embrace the stage as two soloists with operatic training.

 In other words, it will be a fun, friendly Christmas concert but Susannah and Hannah will definitely enjoy each moment of drama, flair, fun and pure joy they can find in the music-and in Canberra, their second musical home!