Susie Dureau – I am not an Individual

Suki & Hugh Gallery, Bungendore NSW
Weekends 10am to 4pm , other times by appointment
Until Sunday 11 October 2020

Susie Dureau’s new paintings express our relationship with the natural world. They are dream like evocations with combined memories and observations of both the natural and the built environment, the outer skin of things and the internal organisms.

Susie Dureau talks about I am not an Individual

The paintings are layer upon layer of oil paint, translucent, transparent, revealing the under-layers of the abstract-realistic scene depicted.

‘The landscapes are familiar yet unrecognisable. They might be the contours of coastlines or land masses seen from above, the map of a path or the outline of an organism…Human and non-human bodies weigh in on each other, measuring and affecting the next thing, like the transmission of a virus. The paintings speak to an interweaving of human construction and the flow of a complex network of non-human actors.’

The artist says of her work: In painting, I seek to define that moment when a human being in the landscape feels so utterly connected to nature that she ceases to see herself as separate.

Susie Dureau lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where she takes regular inspiration from the wild and free coastline.

A detailed catalogue is at All work is for sale and can be purchased online.