Suzanne Edgar – Catching the Light

Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide, 2019

This is Suzanne Edgar’s fourth solo collection of verse. Divided into sections that lead us through a kind of story line, it is a collection of intimate vignettes, in which there is remembrance and much pain along with conscious happiness. These are intimate poems in which the writer has allowed us to glimpse her vulnerable joys and sorrows.

The sections are: The healing light, Where two walls meet, True minds, Watchers, For want of a spoon and Water sleekly falls.

Suzanne Edgar talks about and reads from Catching the Light

We have come to expect love poetry from Suzanne Edgar and it is deliciously here in the quietness of True Minds and The Haircut and more boldly in works like A Man. Equally intimate are her nature poems, beautifully drawn small pictures of birds, trees, seasons, water and Elysian idylls of lost but well remembered youth.

If I may be allowed this indulgence, my favourite  piece in the book is Two rivers, a poem that immediately conjured up idyllic English childhood scenes for me.

Suzanne Edgar has not shied away from showing us the most painful times of her life or her fears, sometimes expressed in metaphor, but never hidden. Lovers of words and their magic ways to invoke memory, sensation and image will relish Suzanne Edgar’s latest book – she says perhaps her last.  Another one is planned despite this assertion – thank goodness.