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Wendy Holden – The Princess

Welbeck Fiction Limited, Great Britain, 2023
An imprint of Welbeck Publishing Group
Cover design Simon Michele
Cover images Irene Gittarelli/Trevillion Images, Shutterstock

This is the third of Wendy Helden’s historical fictions focussed on women considered to be disrupters in the glittering sphere of the British Royal family. The Princess is a fictionalised version of the early life of Diana Spencer, the first wife of (now) King Charles.

Barbie spoke to Wendy Holden about The Princess
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Caroline Beecham – Esther’s Children

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2022
Cover design Christabella Designs
Cover images Stephen Mulcahey/Trevillion/LillaSam/Shutterstock

Esther’s Children is a fictionalised history/biography of Esther Simpson (née Sinovitch), whose work with the British based organisation, the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, led to the rescue of thousands of academics and scholars from the Nazis before and during World War 2.

Barbie talks to Caroline Beecham about Esther’s Children
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Steve Matthews – Hitler’s Assassins

Big Sky Publishing, Australia, 2021

Hitler’s Assassins is the second book in Steve Matthews’ trilogy (book 3 upcoming). Steve was inspired to write this series by experiences with Polish friends and his own visit to Auschwitz. The works are focussed on Hitler and lesser known aspects of the Nazi regime during World War 11.

Barbie talks to Steve Matthews about Hitler’s Assassins
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