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Nigel Featherstone – My Heart is a Little Wild Thing

Ultimo Press, Australia, 2022
Cover design by Ella Egidy

There is much to say about this piece of fine literary fiction by Nigel Featherstone. Let me start, however, with place.

Barbie spoke to Nigel Featherstone about My Heart is a Little Wild Thing
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Emily Brugman – The Islands

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2022
Cover design and drawing Alissa Dinallo

The Islands is utterly beautiful. Emily Brugman’s writing is sublime, an immersive, deliciously slow sinking for the reader into place and time.

Emily Brugman talks to Barbie about The Islands
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Karen Manton – The Curlew’s Eye

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2021
Cover design: Christa Moffitt
Map: Mika Tabata

This book is a masterpiece of atmospheric evocation, a family tale exploring the need to acknowledge our pasts in order to be whole.

Greta and Joel, our central characters are complex individuals, a couple joined it seems by their need to constantly move on and a capacity to allow the other not to speak of things – until they return to Joel’s family home in the Northern Territory to renovate the property for a tourism project. It is then that the past itself takes on a character role and insists on disclosure. The revelation of Joel’s secrets ultimately leads to Greta’s unveiling as well.

Barbie speaks with Karen Manton about The Curlew’s Eye
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