Jacquie Byron – Happy Hour

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2021

What a very cheering novel this is, albeit dealing predominantly with the issue of grief after the loss of a long-time dearly beloved spouse. Jacquie Byron has captured that universal but at the same time highly individual response to unbearable loss with affection and humour in the character of Franny Calderwood.

Jacquie Byron talks about Happy Hour
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Emma Batchelor – Now That I See You

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2021
Winner of The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award in 2021 for unpublished manuscripts by writers under the age of 35

This debut novel by Emma Batchelor charts the breakdown of her relationship with her partner who discloses that ‘they’ are transgender. Whilst this narrowly specific scenario is not one that readers might automatically identify with, that of relationship breakdown and loss is certainly very common.

Emma Batchelor talks to Barbie about Now That I See You. Content warning – contains reference to suicidal thoughts
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