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Suzanne Leal – Running with Ivan

Angus&Robertson, an imprint of HaperCollinsChildrensBooks, Australia, 2023
Cover design by HarperCollins Design Studio
Cover illustration by Hope McConnell

This novel for young readers brings together the author’s interests in 20th century German history and in the nature of family. Told in the youthful voice of Leo, the story takes place dually in Australia in 2002 and a span of years leading up to and during World War 2.

Barbie talks to Suzanne Leal about Running with Ivan
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David Conley – Mythology series

That Book About Greek Mythology Part 1
That Book About Greek Mythology Part 2
That Book About Norse Mythology Part 1
That Book About Norse Mythology Part 2
Written, illustrated and published by David Conley, Canberra, Australia, 2022

I wouldn’t normally bundle four books together but these belong so well as a set that I am doing so on this occasion. It’s something akin to the Labours of Heracles to create a set of books retelling the complex stories of Greek and Norse mythology suitable for and appealing to young children.

David Conley discusses his Mythology series
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