The incomparable Song Company with True Love Story

Friday 15 June 2018 at The Street Theatre

The Song Company is truly an experience somewhere between salon and theatre. We feel so close to the performers and Antony Pitts encourages us in, and yet they are definitely on stage and in role throughout their performance.

True Love Story is their latest offering, the story of Guillaume de Machaut and Péronelle d’Armentières, told in their words from letters and poetry of the 14th century. With minimal set, The Song Company evokes the story of the ups and downs of this romance between an ageing Machaut and the much younger object of his affections.

This is a work of 9000 lines, Le Livre du Voir Dit – just how true we cannot tell. Suffice it to say that the audience believes what it sees and is moved to chuckle, empathise and wonder in equal measure as Director Antony Pitts ably leads his singers through this tale. The excellent (free) program provides ample background and explanation to guide the audience through the work despite the language challenge of 14th century French.

The 2018 program is entitled Imagin’d Corners and The Song Company cleverly takes us places we might never have ventured without their help.

Their next visit to Canberra is on Friday 7 September with Four Colour Season.

Following the movement of our planet around the sun, the weather changes and nature responds in colour and shape to the wind and the rain, the shadows and the sunshine. The traditional four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter have been depicted in European art and music for centuries, but the Aboriginal experience of the seasons is a much more varied and subtler story that tells of the patterns of animal and plant life and their direct impact on survival. In this sympathetic synthesis of two artforms The Song Company is joined by a duo of dancers from Thomas E.S. Kelly’s Karul Projects to trace the course of the Earth’s annual journey in movement and song, both old and new.

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Barbie and Richard attended True- Love Story at their own expense.