The Shiny Bum Singers: Seize the Day mock opera

Sunday 1 July at the Holy Trinity School Hall, fundraising for MyHome in Canberra

The hall was packed on Sunday for this rollicking, witty mopera, poking fun at almost every public service and government foible. Now approaching their 20th year, The Shiny Bum Singers know how to entertain and how to wickedly take the Mickey. And the audience loved it.

With a clever libretto by Frankie Seymour, adept and responsive musical accompaniment led by Donna O’Brien who was also the confident front MC voice for the show and plenty of tuneful singing from the assembled bums, Seize the Day lived up to its name.

The Shiny Bum Singers make a habit of raising funds for worthy causes with their humorous musical theatre and this event certainly added fulsomely to the coffers of MyHome in Canberra, a charity providing for the homeless and especially those affected by mental health issues.

The Shinies will apply to the National Folk Festival for a 20th anniversary gig next year. Let’s hope they are successful as none could be worthier or more fun.