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Transference is a collaborative exhibition by ceramic and glass artist Robyn Campbell (ACT) and ceramicist Jo Victoria (NSW) which expresses their fascination with light and surface, and the potential of glass and porcelain to convey fragility and transience.

Barbie speaks with ACT ceramic and glass artist Robyn Campbell

By exchanging knowledge of their respective materials, the artists have developed a new body of work in which the intangible elements of light, shadow and reflection are significant, changing the pieces as natural light and perspectives shift.

Both artists also take inspiration from the natural world and the landscapes they live in – Campbell being inspired by Canberra’s ‘bush capital’ landscape and Victoria finding inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscape of Mossy Point, NSW.

Emerging makers Sam Gold (SA) and Harriet McKay (ACT) collaborate in A Common Thread, a multidisciplinary exhibition, which encompasses textile painting, ceramic sculpture and installation.

The artists are concerned with the concept of connection to a material and the way in which this connects us as humans . The exhibition seeks to explore how time and space inform the artist’s behaviour with material, and lament on the almost ritualistic process of repetitious acts during the creation process.

Award-winning Canberra based textile artist Harriet McKay layers naturally dyed felt, calico and raw canvas to create fibrous collages. Her works are arranged, ordered, and moulded in the same way that a painter pulls and pushes paint around a canvas.

Top image: Robyn Campbell, Echo, 2020. Porcelain and glass. Photo courtesy of the artist