Tuggeranong Arts Centre – August Exhibitions

Macro Organic, Diverse Perspectives andReclaimed Vintage
All exhibitions open Thursday 1 August 2019 at 6pm

Macro Organic is a group exhibition curated by Karena Keys, featuring Harry Boyd, Shannon Donahue, Melinda Heal, Elisabeth Kruger, Hayley Lander, Rosalind Lemoh, Clare Poppi, Chris Sutevski, Lia Tajcner.

Barbie speaks with artist Blaide Lallemand

The artists have been  inspired by the organic matter that surrounds them and focus on the natural world to reflect on beauty, perfection, imperfection, change, growth, fragility and the banal.

Diverse Perspectives, is an exhibition that highlights the photographic explorations of teenage photographer Josh Thurecht-Luckham. In taking the photos for his debut exhibition, Josh said he wanted his audience to experience the “wow” factor as they viewed the beauty and diversity in the world around us, from many Diverse Perspectives.

Reclaimed Vintage is a participatory arts project for senior Canberrans. Through a series of workshops with professional artists, participants have created new which reclaim ageist language and challenge stereotypes. Participants have worked with one of the following artists:

  • Collage with Blaide Lallemand
  • Ceramics with Tony Steel
  • Textiles with Carol Cooke

Information at https://www.tuggeranongarts.com