Twenty Minutes With The Devil – The Street Theatre

World premiere season
New dates – 18 to 25 June 2022
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Tickets $35 to $45
Contains coarse language and loud noises, recommended 15+

Written by Luis Gómez Romero and Desmond Manderson, developed and made in Canberra, Twenty Minutes with the Devil is a gripping tale inspired by events leading to the capture of El Chapo, Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, in 2016.

Joanna Richards plays the part of Angela. Richard spoke to her about the role and career
Barbie spoke to performer Raoul Craemer, about Twenty Minutes With the Devil

It’s black comedy drama, exploring the divide between law and justice. The real-life story of El Chapo’s capture provided the writers with a fantastic canvas.

After the powerful drug lord escaped from Mexican federal security forces and military, his get-away plans were foiled when he was pulled over by a highway patrol team in the middle of the night and taken to a seedy highway motel. They were told to sit tight.

Desmond Manderson asks us to ponder this situation: ‘Sit tight! What did they talk about—two lowly cops and the most wanted man in the world — alone in a room, while they waited for the army to arrive – or the cartel to get there first?’

The Street’s production mixes suspense and comedy with magical realism in a work where the living dance with the dead in the locked room of the modern world – ghosts and hauntings, cops, drug cartels, violence, corruption, North vs South.

Ordinary people with virtues and weaknesses, beliefs and backgrounds, are challenged in a situation bigger than themselves with the clock ticking, choices to be made, survival at stake, and nowhere to hide.


  • PJ Williams as El Ticho, Joanna Richards as Angela and Raoul Craemer as Romulo
  • Directed by The Street’s Artistic Director Caroline Stacey
  • Designers Imogen Keen, Antony Hateley, James Tighe

Special events:

  • The Crisis of Justice in the Modern World 23 June 2022 6.15pm to 7.15pm– pre-show discussion and Q & A session,

    • Playwrights Desmond Manderson & Luis Gómez Romero
    • Independent journalist, author, filmmaker Antony Loewenstein
  • Meet the Makers Q&A 3pm Sunday 19 June 2022 – Pre-show with cast and creative team

Further information:

Twenty Minutes With The Devil: by Luis Gómez Romero & Desmond Manderson | The Street Theatre

Image by Creswick Collective