Valentyna Crane, Jennifer Baird, Elena Bozhko Marshall – A Road Home

An exhibition of paintings and ceramics
Humble House Gallery
93 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick
10 to 28 March 2021
Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

The evocation of home is at the heart of these works as we travel from the sea, along the many roads to Canberra city and region. In the airy upstairs gallery at Humble House, the works in this exhibition are a burst of colour and light.

Barbie speaks to the artists at Humble House Gallery

The deep blues and greens to turquoise and aqua of Jennifer Baird’s seascapes are precious memories of her own childhood and early womanhood – and will stir memories for all the viewers of trips to the sea and that sense of serenity and abandon it arouses, whether in storm or stillness.

The earthy textured vessels of Elena Bozhko Marshall embody the notion of pathways both in their patterning and form. The generous bowls and vases crave our touch with their nature designs and stamped surfaces.

Valentyna Crane’s works are vibrant homage to the city of Canberra, its big skies, its vast open landscape and its ever changing palette over the seasons. The works are for the most part large and many were conceived during a hot air balloon ride where the artist has taken on the view of the flying birds she also include sin some of her work.

Each of these artists speaks through her works of a passion for the land on which we live, delighting in its brilliant hues and sensory invitations.

The opening of the exhibition is on Saturday 13 March 2021 at 2pm and all are welcome. An online catalogue is available at

Image from the Humble House website.