Well Read Cookies

Beautiful Biscuits inspired by Great Literature
Simon and Schuster 2018

Proving that not only is she a fine writer of historical fiction, Lauren Chater has also shown her domestic goddess side with this delightful cookie cookbook based on her popular The Well-Read Cookie blog.

Drawing on her eclectic personal reading list – as diverse as Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) and It (Stephen King) – Lauren has created bespoke cookies inspired by themes or characters therein. She includes information about how to wrangle royal icing, necessary and desirable equipment, baking techniques and the like.

Amazingly Lauren Chater is a self-taught icing artist. She says that like writing, baking requires ‘liberal amounts of imagination, a dash of hope and a sprinkle of magic’.

I am not sure my own decorating skills are up to the challenge, but repeated readings of the background stories in this book and the design instructions may instill some hope, if not so much magic. I do have a nice collection of cookie cutters though nothing to Lauren’s hundreds, but am usually limited to slathering on glacé icing and silver or other coloured balls and sprinkles (cachous).

This book will appeal to many just to look at and many others will be encouraged to have a go at Lauren’s designs or create their own masterpieces in dough based on their own reading.