Yael Maree – when we vanish

Published by Elephant Tree Publishing 2018

This debut novel was launched at the Canberra Writers’ Festival. It is to some extent a work of speculative fiction, but more it is an examination of the feelings of the depressed and the lonely.

Its main characters, a blue haired goth and an office worker, both suffer from a sense of being invisible, not being cared for by those around them. In this case, however, the conceit is that Alexander, the main male character actually does become invisible.

The story falls into the ‘road movie’ genre. Journeys to Thailand, Paris and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania are steps along the road to self-discovery, to the realisation that love is the way to be seen and to see others clearly.

Yael Maree lives in Melbourne with her partner and three sons. She has already completed two more manuscripts which she hopes will be published soon.

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Yael Maree