Zeeko and Jo Turner – The Girl Who Glows

The Street Theatre
18 to 21 July 2024
Suitable for 5 years old plus

This musical adventure about a girl who glows is part pop concert, part theatre show, part foley studio and part audio-visual playground.

The work was inspired by the artists’ frustration at inaction on climate change and by Julia Baird’s book Phosphorescence. The goal was to create a story with meaning for all ages.

The Girl Who Glows tells Luna’s story – a girl who glows a bit more brightly than everybody else – and invites audiences into a world of original songs, light puppets, rapping platypuses, operatic tortoise frogs and mystical little curlews.

The show takes audiences on an epic trans-Australian journey in search of a solution to the spreading darkness that Luna feels because of her glow. It’s a little bit scary but with the help of kids in the audience Luna discovers something truly powerful: she is not alone.

Created over three Covid interrupted years, via a collaborative process of play, improvisation and writing, the result is this cross-genre piece of social justice pop theatre for family audiences.

Canberra-born Jess Green is known for her work with young women in jazz at ANU and Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Pheno performances and recordings, her We are the Skywhales (commissioned by Patricia Piccinini) and as music director of Boys Will Be Boys (The Street).

Cast and crew

  • Zeeko featuring Jess Green, Jess Ciampa and David Hewitt
  • Director: Jo Turner
  • Designer: Kathleen Kershaw
  • Sound Designer: Kimmo Vennonen
  • Lighting Designer: Verity Hampson
  • Video Design: Laura Turner
  • Image Design: Pip Runciman